Fatty Fast Food Rant + Makeover – Chicken Salad Sandwich

The Rant:

Have you ever been duped by clever fast food marketing? I have, and it pissed me off. This specific chain (**cough*Arby’s*cough**) had an ad around for a while touting “fresh deli sandwiches!” In need of a quick lunch, I grabbed one and tried it out. Long story short, this mother-shut-yo-mouth was nearly 900 calories. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? Is the bread made of sugar and lard? Truly mind boggling.

I am generally very mindful of what I put in my body, and it seemed to me that an innocent looking sandwich on wheat bread was a safer call than the faux processed meat + liquid cheese options. After googling the nutrition, I found out how very wrong I had been. I began to wonder how many people before me made the same mistake assuming they had made a decent choice. A great many I’m sure, or they wouldn’t still be selling them.

Now, the sandwich I tried wasn’t the chicken salad. I’m too afraid of fast food mayo (have you seen that pump?) to go there. I am going to pick on the chicken salad sandwich though, because the nutrition is just crazy. These numbers aren’t even including the fries that usually come with these meals. Are they trying to kill us off one by one? This is BS. Crappy food like this that’s marketed as “healthy” pisses me off to no end. It should piss you off too if you’ve eaten it, and here’s why:

The culprit

  • 860 Calories (396 from fat)
  • 44 g Fat and 6 g Saturated fat
  • 1270 mg Sodium
  • 92 g Carbs
  • 33 g sugar

*Info taken from livestrong.com

That’s as much sugar as a 20 oz soft drink, and a significantly larger amount of fat than a big slice of pepperoni pizza. In fact, a soda and large slice of pepperoni pizza together would be about 320 less calories than that one deceiving sandwich.

Now that my rant is over, I suppose we can talk about the moral of the story. Never take marketing, branding, pretty names or pictures at face value. Buzz words (fresh, wrap, salad, deli) are liars. Don’t get taken advantage of by big name fast food advertising – get the facts.

The Makeover:

Lightening up this recipe was insanely easy, so easy that it’s barely a recipe at all. My version tastes better, is full of healthy goodies, and won’t have you waking up the next morning wondering why you feel so terrible.

I used leftover chicken from this recipe, and served the salad on homemade bread.


Nutrition info accounts for 2 slices of generic wheat bread per serving. Recipe serves 2

Calories: 254 – Carbs: 26 – Fat: 4g – Protein: 21g – Sugar: 8g – Fiber: 3g

254 versus 860 – that’s a 70% decrease in calorie content alone, and a 40 gram reduction in fat. Winner winner chicken dinner. Literally. 


  • 5 oz or 1 medium grilled chicken breast (diced)
  • 1/2 cup red seedless grapes (halved lengthwise)
  • 2 tablespoons non fat Greek Yogurt
  • 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard
  • 1/4 cup diced celery
  • 1 scallion/green onion (thin sliced)
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  • Combine ingredients in a mixing bowl and fold with a spoon until seasonings are evenly distributed
  • Serve on bread of choice with fresh greens and tomatoes if desired

8 thoughts on “Fatty Fast Food Rant + Makeover – Chicken Salad Sandwich

  1. This drives me crazy too – there are so many things that you find while eating out that you would think are healthy but really aren’t, and for no good reason too. Can’t wait to try your version!

    • I hope you enjoy it!

      The marketing just feels dishonest to me. I’m not too hoity-toity to eat some deliciously fatty food now and again – but I want to know about it.

      Happy Monday =)


  2. I was recently ranting about Olive Garden. A serving of their salad has more calories than 2 garlic breadsticks! I thought I was being good choosing salad over breadstick then later found out how wrong I was. I am so glad I stumbled upon your site. The recipes look amazing. Thank you!

    • Wow, Kim! I never would have guessed about the bread sticks vs salad! Makes you wonder what they put in there…

      Glad you’re enjoying the recipes. Thanks for the comment! Was a wonderful thing to find waiting for me in my inbox this morning.

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