Lazy Day Chicken Tacos with Guacamole

Lazy Day Meals // Quick and Easy Chicken Guacamole Tacos

These chicken tacos come together in about 15 minutes. They’re tasty, healthy and can be in your belly in less time than it would take to order some takeout. Topped with some creamy guacamole, they’re hard to beat in the taste + convenience department. We’re relying on some convenient freezer and pantry staples to make this happen. No shame from this corner of the internet. It doesn’t have to be gourmet all the time people. Let’s make this happen.

Sometimes I reaaaaaallllllllly really (really) don’t feel like cooking. I just want to hop in the car and go to the local In-n-Out. Sometimes that happens, but on other more responsible occasions I wrestle myself into making quick healthy meals at home instead. Surely it’s a more nutritious option, and we’re saving some money too. It’s a good consolation for a grumpy-pants cook.

chicken_guac_tacos_2  Lazy Day Meals // Quick and Easy Chicken Guacamole Tacos

The cast for our easy guacamole. I didn’t have a jalapeno, so I used some ancho chili powder. It was a delicious stand-in.

Lazy Day Meals // Quick and Easy Chicken Guacamole Tacos

Split your avos in half, remove the pit, and slice them in the skin. Scoop them into a bowl with a spoon. Almost done.


Stir in 1/2 of a finely diced onion (we’ll use the other half for the chicken), lime, chopped cilantro, chili and salt. Mix to desired consistency  Done. Add a bit of garlic if you like.

Lazy Day Meals // Quick and Easy Chicken Guacamole Tacos

Here’s where the convenience factor comes in. Frozen, separately packaged chicken breasts, and pre-mixed taco seasoning. I buy these chicken breasts in a giant package from costco. Just defrost them in a bowl of cold water while you prep your other ingredients, and you’re good to go.


Dice up your chicken breast and drop it in a hot pan with 1 tablespoon of oil, and half of a diced onion. No biggie.

Lazy Day Meals // Quick and Easy Chicken Guacamole Tacos

When things are looking nice and brown, add in your taco seasoning. I like to go heavy on the spices, so I choose the low-sodium seasoning option. It’s always shocking to me how much sodium is lurking in convenience foods! Sheesh.

Garbage BowlLet me introduce you to one of my favorite kitchen tricks – the garbage bowl. Just scoop all of your cast offs in there as you’re cooking and prepping to keep your counter clean. Hooray for tidyness!

Lazy Day Meals // Quick and Easy Chicken Guacamole Tacos

Easy as pie. Actually, scratch that. This is way easier than pie. We don’t even need a recipe.

Lazy Day Meals // Quick and Easy Chicken Guacamole Tacos

This posts falls outside of my usual repertoire, or at least outside of what I would normally share with you on the blog. It is however, a great representation of what a lazy lunch in my kitchen looks like. I hope you feel inspired to throw together something quick and healthy the next time you need a fast fix.


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