HGT Update!

Hello there friends! The blog has been pin-drop-quiet over the last couple of months, but that’s all about to change! I’ve been busy behind the scenes building a brand spanking new site for the blog. We’re going live in the next couple of days – so stay tuned. This will be the last post you see on on vintage HGT.

Here’s a sneak peek!



I’m excited to start sharing all of the great new features with you. We have printable recipe cards, videos and a visual recipe index – it’s even ipad/iphone/android friendly. You’ll be able to browse the hundreds of recipes on HGT by scrolling through little photo thumbnails. Pretty sweet, right?

I don’t talk about my work life on HGT that often (maybe never?) but I felt it was time to merge my 2 biggest passions, design and food, into a happy little fusion. I spend so much time designing, creating and branding for my clients, I sometimes forget that I can also apply these skills to my personal life. I can’t believe it took me 2 years to come to this conclusion, but there you have it. Turns out, all these trees make a forest.

A special note to my wordpress followers: I’m migrating the site to a self-hosted situation. This means you won’t see HGT on your dash anymore, and that’s a bummer.  I’ve stalled on making the switch for as long as possible for this reason. I don’t want to lose touch with all you awesome, talented people. Thanks for being so inspirational, and I sincerely hope you’ll stop by the new site to leave me a note.


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  1. PS: If you have recipes bookmarked on pinterest or elsewhere, those should all stay intact! I’m doing my best to make this transition as painless as possible, but you may notice some hiccups along the way.

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