About HGT

About the blog:

HGT is all about stuff that makes me happy. I love good food, great design, adventures and vintage everything. I believe wholeheartedly that great tasting food doesn’t have to be bad for you, good design shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg, in the power of simplicity, and the all-knowing internets.

Most of the recipes you see here will have a focus on healthy eating, and good nutrition. I try to include nutrition info as often as possible to keep me accountable.You won’t be seeing any crazy ingredients, or super expensive items. Good stuff doesn’t have to cost a ton – remember?

About the blogger // Meet Julie:

I’m a twenty-something girl living in LA. I’ve got a bachelor’s degree in design, and lots of opinions. I’m passionate about cooking, but have no formal training (most of what you see here is good ole-fashioned internet learnin’.) I love bright colors, bold flavors, and good typography. I have a super talented husband (Hi Ovi!), and two dogs that I talk about way too often. You’ll probably be seeing their cute little faces around here from time to time.

Happy interneting!

Roscoe and Emma

Copyright Info:

The recipes featured here are my own unless otherwise noted, as are the photos. Please include photo credits if you re-blog anything you find on HGT. All images are copyright protected. The puppies are watching you.


14 thoughts on “About HGT

  1. Wow Julie… this is quite impressive, I am anxious to try a few of these recipes. I love love love Pork Shoulder Roast and Coleslaw…. will be trying out both of your recipes very soon!

  2. Hi Julie,
    Just wanted to tell you that I am thoroughly enjoying your blog. Your recipes always look so scrumptious! My favorite so far is the white beans and sausage with kale. I’ve really been on a kale kick lately so it’s great to try it in something new. Funny little production area — your food shots are always lovely and professional looking, so you’d never know the backdrop was held high with wine bottles. 🙂

    • Hi Ellen!

      Thank you so much for your very sweet comment! It totally made my day. I’ve been on a kale kick recently too! It’s amazing, and crazy versatile. Can’t complain about tasty food that’s good for you.

      And you’re right, my photo set up is definitely a little funny. Glad you’ve been liking the photos! I’m happy with them too….you know…as long as the wine bottles stay out of the frame, and my poster boards don’t fall down =)

      Hope you’re having a great weekend,


  3. I made your mini turkey pot pies Sunday after Thanksgiving. The pies are so cute & your recipe was easy to follow. My husband thought they were perfect so I am making another batch right now. Thank you for these recipes. I will try the Spanish Rice next.

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