Asian Style Marinated Green Bean Salad

Today I have a great summertime recipe for you! Green bean salad is a great alternative to a hot side dish on a summer day, and so much more fun than a bowl of lettuce! It’s crunchy, tangy and packed full of flavor thanks to a blend of sesame and soy.

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Asian Style Slaw with Carrot-Ginger Dressing

I hadn’t intended to give this salad it’s own post. It was merely an afterthought when searching through the kitchen for a healthy accompaniment to the Chicken Satay I made a couple days ago. Truth be told, it really stole the show. I went back for seconds on the salad course. If we’re being frank, salads are generally viewed as “something you have to eat to get to the good stuff”. This time, the salad was the star performer.

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