Take out Fake out // Skinny Quinoa “Fried Rice” with Veggies


This is how grown-ups eat fried rice. All of the taste, none of the guilt.  It has legitimate nutritional value, and it’s not even fried. There are actual vegetables in there. I bet you could trick a kid or two with this delicious knock-off. I love fooling people into eating healthy food. “You’re eating a complete protein, with iron and fiber and you don’t even know!” *Queue evil laugh*  muah ha ha ha. I would be a really ridiculous super-villain. We can choose names and capes later. First, the quinoa. Important stuff first.

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Asian Style Marinated Green Bean Salad

Today I have a great summertime recipe for you! Green bean salad is a great alternative to a hot side dish on a summer day, and so much more fun than a bowl of lettuce! It’s crunchy, tangy and packed full of flavor thanks to a blend of sesame and soy.

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Grilled Miso Marinated Chicken Thighs

Tender skinless chicken thighs are marinated in a complexly flavored miso mix and grilled to juicy perfection on the grill in just about 10 minutes plus marinating time. Mix up the marinade and enjoy some tiny umbrella adorned beverages as you soak up the summer sun. The perfect summer time scenario. Barbecue, drinks, and lounging. Make it happen! Continue reading

Miso Glazed Salmon

This tender flaky fillet is topped with a sweet and savory miso glaze that caramelizes under the broiler. It comes together quickly, and totally fits the bill for a healthy week night meal.

Do you ever make something and it totally tastes about 1,000,000 times better than it looks? That’s exactly what happened with this salmon. Actually, I hesitated on sharing these photos with you guys because they look a little odd. Let me tell you though, miso glaze and salmon were just meant to be together. They’re food soul mates. Pair that salmon with some sesame kale, and you have a delicious weeknight meal that will come together for you in about 15 minutes!

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Sesame Kale Sauté with Garlic and Shallot // Quick and Easy Side

I’ve been really burned out in the kitchen the past 2 weeks, and have been turning to quick and easy meals to keep Ovi and I fed and happy. Kale is a staple that I reach for whenever I haven’t planned dinner, and want to get something nutritious on the table fast. This sesame kale saute was ready in about 10 minutes, and was a delicious accompaniment to some equally quick and yummy grilled salmon.

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Fake out Dolsot Bipimbap – My Take on a Korean Classic

Bipimbap is a classic Korean dish that is almost as fun to say as it is to eat! Seriously. I challenge you to say bipimbap aloud without even a hint of smile. I maintain that it is impossible. Bipimbap, b-bop, whatever you want to call it, is absolutely delicious and quite simple to prepare at home. Dolsot bipimbap is traditionally served in a very hot stone bowl. That’s the dolsot to your b-bop. It’s screaming hot! The dolsot is brushed with sesame oil, before the rice is added in, and it sizzles, bubbles and makes a super delicious crispy rice layer at the bottom. Top that with an over easy egg, some classic Korean ingredients and you’re good to go. Break that yolk and it covers your rice in a silky, creamy and dreamy coating that is indescribably delicious. Crispy rice bits, covered in silky egg, mixed with flavorful Asian inspired veg. It’s a textural experience that’s out of this world.

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Vietnamese Pickled Carrot and Daikon Ribbons – Do Chua

Do Chua, or carrot and daikon pickles, are a staple on Vietnamese tables (well…refrigerators.) Don’t let the ease and simplicity of the recipe fool you – these pickles have some serious flavor. They’re perfect for cooling the palate with a spicy meal, and are an absolute necessity on the amazingly yummy and famous banh mi sandwiches. They’re crisp, tangy, refreshing, and totally addictive. (I’ve been eating them out of the refrigerator for a few days now)

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Vietnamese Pulled Pork with Sweet and Tangy Lemongrass Glaze

Five spice rubbed pork seared to golden, braised til it falls apart, and glazed with a sweet, tangy lemongrass reduction – yes, please! Succulent, tender pulled pork with subtle spice, and wonderful depth of flavor from Vietnamese style seasoning, a quick sear and a long, slow braise. Are you hungry yet?

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Grilled Eggplant Steaks with Spicy Hoisin and Balsamic Glaze

These simple grilled eggplant steaks were delicious. Cooking them on the grill enhanced their natural nutty flavor, and the spicy, tangy sauce made for a flavorful meal. The steaks cook up quickly and easily on the grill or inside on your grill pan. If you love eggplant, this is a recipe you’ll want to try.

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Five-Spiced Butternut and Barley Salad

I can’t believe it’s 2012! It feels like it was 1999 approximately 3.25 months ago. I remember everyone in my home town buying bulk dry goods, and cleaning out the shelves of our local hardware store for “Y2K Computer Apocalypse” like it was yesterday. I was reminded of this today when Ovi and I were confronted face to speaker by some very fervent, megaphone-wielding, street preachers. This year they’re reminding us about the 2012 Mayan calender apocalypse, but the message is the same. Always with the doom and gloom, fire and brimstone. Headache aside, I suppose I can admire their unwavering tenacity and strive to tackle my goals for this brand new year with a fraction of that dedication.

This year, I’m striving to clean up my act in the kitchen. The stuff I post on HGT is generally pretty clean (with the exception of some admittedly out of character Christmas desserts), but my personal intake is awash with too much espresso, lots of diet soda, and many a simple carb. I’m happy to say that day 1 of 2012 resolutions went swimmingly. At our place, we welcomed the new year with a beautiful dish of complex carbs, and seasonal veggies. Five-spiced butternut squash with barley is a simple dish with complex flavor, and  right in line with the type of food that I want to cook, eat and share here with you here on HGT.

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