Lazy Day Chicken Tacos with Guacamole

Lazy Day Meals // Quick and Easy Chicken Guacamole Tacos

These chicken tacos come together in about 15 minutes. They’re tasty, healthy and can be in your belly in less time than it would take to order some takeout. Topped with some creamy guacamole, they’re hard to beat in the taste + convenience department. We’re relying on some convenient freezer and pantry staples to make this happen. No shame from this corner of the internet. It doesn’t have to be gourmet all the time people. Let’s make this happen.

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Kitchen Sink Chocolate Bark

Kitchen Sink Chocolate Bark

Kitchen sink chocolate bark is the perfect way to use up all of those leftover ingredients from holiday baking projects that we all have laying around. The broken candy canes, the sad marshmallows, the random tupperware of coconut….let’s turn those into a sweet Valentine’s sweet! All you need to do to make this happen is rifle through your pantry, melt some chocolate and prepare to get a little messy.

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Chicken Breasts with Meyer Lemon Fennel Relish

Chicken Breasts with Meyer Lemon and Fennel Relish

Today I have a simple recipe for you, and a great way to jazz up those weeknight chicken breasts. Ovi and I end up eating a lot of chicken. It’s cheap, healthy, full of lean protein and really quick. Chicken breasts are perfect for weeknights, which means of course that they can get pretty monotonous. No more monotony, friends of the internet. Lemons and fennel are here to save the day. This lemon fennel relish can be made up to 2 whole weeks in advance and used to brighten up your meals for as long as it lasts.

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Breakfast Stuffin’ Muffins with Baked Egg

Leftover Thanksgiving dressing gets a makeover in the form of mini nests for a decadent baked egg. Crispy on the edges, moist and savory in the middle, and topped off with a creamy egg yolk. Leftovers never looked so good.

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Lemon Garlic Linguine with Almonds and Peas

This simple, vegetarian weeknight meal is just bursting with flavor! Even better, it will come together for you in about 20 minutes, most of which is waiting for pasta to boil. Hurrah! Bright and fresh lemon pair beautifully with basil, nutty Parmesan and the crunch of almonds. The peas add a touch of sweetness that just completes the flavor party perfectly. Pretty good for 20 minutes. Weeknight hero status. Wear your apron backwards. Bam. Cape.

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Smoked Paprika Roasted Almonds // Healthy Homemade Snacks

Smoky, crunchy and satisfying – roasted almonds are a great choice for a healthy grab and go snack. The protein helps curb hunger, and they’re a great source of vitamin E. Eat them on their own, top your salad, or garnish your veggies. Easy to make, delicious, and good for you. Hooray for almonds!

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Caramelized Onions and Fennel // Tasty Toppings

Today, I have a super simple recipe to share with you. Caramelized onions and fennel is a fennel and onion lover’s dream come true. Full of deep, rich flavors from a long and slow caramelization, this simple combo has a rich and complex flavor profile. I lazily stirred this to soft perfection on a Sunday morning. I plan to spruce up my simple meals with it all week long. My brain can’t even process how delicious this is going to be on toast with cream cheese in the morning. A batch of caramelized onions and fennel in your fridge is like an ace up your sleeve. Suddenly, your poached egg and polenta looks and tastes mighty impressive when topped with this flavorful mixture. Fancy up your usual chicken breast, pamper your pork chop.

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Herbed Goat Cheese Stuffed Mini Bell Peppers

You know what’s good with goat cheese? Everything. The answer is everything. Goat cheese is magical stuff. Creamy, tangy, rich – yet still fresh. It’s pretty much the best thing ever. Other than bacon, but that’s another post all together. These goat cheese stuffed peppers are little 2 bite pieces of heaven. Tangy goat cheese, with sweet roasted peppers. Simple and fantastic.

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Sesame Kale Sauté with Garlic and Shallot // Quick and Easy Side

I’ve been really burned out in the kitchen the past 2 weeks, and have been turning to quick and easy meals to keep Ovi and I fed and happy. Kale is a staple that I reach for whenever I haven’t planned dinner, and want to get something nutritious on the table fast. This sesame kale saute was ready in about 10 minutes, and was a delicious accompaniment to some equally quick and yummy grilled salmon.

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Tomato Basil Soup – Meal from the Pantry

The beginning of our Saturday was pretty terrible. You don’t realize how dependent you are on modern conveniences until they’re suddenly gone. Such was the start of our weekend. We woke up to the absence of running water.  There were no showers to be had, and we hadn’t been to the market in 2 weeks. Needless to say, food options were limited. I’ve been challenging myself to cook quick meals instead of opting for cheap and greasy delivery, and I wasn’t about to break a 2 month streak on account of the absence of running water and fresh groceries! Our pantry and freezer saved the day! I’m a huge advocate of keeping a well stocked pantry, and this is a perfect example of how your pantry can work for you. There could be a zombie apocalypse brewing outside, and I could still whip up some tomato soup and bread sticks. Hip-hip-hooray for non-perishable food.

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