Grilled Miso Marinated Chicken Thighs

Tender skinless chicken thighs are marinated in a complexly flavored miso mix and grilled to juicy perfection on the grill in just about 10 minutes plus marinating time. Mix up the marinade and enjoy some tiny umbrella adorned beverages as you soak up the summer sun. The perfect summer time scenario. Barbecue, drinks, and lounging. Make it happen! Continue reading


Classic French Onion Soup with Gruyere Gratin

I had my very own Julie and Julia moment this week via her often imitated French Onion Soup recipe. I love instant gratification as much as the next girl, but this soup was worth every single stir, every tear and sniffle, and most certainly worth dragging the big soup pot out from the back of the cupboard. It’s rare that I will follow a recipe to the letter, but there are a few exceptions. Julia Child definitely gets first chair in my symphony of culinary heroes, and the respect of a mostly unadulterated recipe preparation.

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Lightened Up Loaded Potato Soup

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love a baked potato. I’m skeptical that these people exist. A tender potato loaded with all of your favorite toppings is hard to argue with. This hearty bowl of soup can tame even the most ravenous of appetites and is as easy as it is delicious. It’s substancial enough to be served as a main course, but would pair beautifully with a bowl of lightly dressed, fresh peppery greens, such as rocket.

This loaded potato soup is sneaky. It’s creamy, it’s dreamy, and it tastes so very indulgent. What’s in there? Cheese? Cream? Butter? No, no and no. It’s sneaky in a good way. Let’s get stealthy with some vegetables; let’s get busy with some buttermilk; let’s make some magic.

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Pearl Barley Risotto with Mushrooms and Leeks

Barley is a hearty and nutritious alternate to the traditional arborio rice, and has a wonderful toothsome texture. It pairs perfectly with the earthy mushrooms, and the leeks add a lovely onion flavor that’s present, but not overpowering. This risotto, like any great risotto, requires a bit of love and tenderness. Sure, it needs a bit of attention, but it will repay your patiently stirring hands with a belly full of hearty deliciousness.

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Vietnamese Pizza with Spicy Peanut Sauce – The Ultimate Fusion Food

This pizza is awesome. It has all of my favorite flavors from Vietnamese cooking, all snuggled on top of a soft, doughy pizza crust with crispy, chewy edges. Smeared with my favorite peanut sauce, and topped with pulled pork, fresh veggies, and a bevy of herbs – this pizza is knock-your-socks-off good. It’s like pizza and Vietnamese spring roll’s beautiful love child.

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Fake out Dolsot Bipimbap – My Take on a Korean Classic

Bipimbap is a classic Korean dish that is almost as fun to say as it is to eat! Seriously. I challenge you to say bipimbap aloud without even a hint of smile. I maintain that it is impossible. Bipimbap, b-bop, whatever you want to call it, is absolutely delicious and quite simple to prepare at home. Dolsot bipimbap is traditionally served in a very hot stone bowl. That’s the dolsot to your b-bop. It’s screaming hot! The dolsot is brushed with sesame oil, before the rice is added in, and it sizzles, bubbles and makes a super delicious crispy rice layer at the bottom. Top that with an over easy egg, some classic Korean ingredients and you’re good to go. Break that yolk and it covers your rice in a silky, creamy and dreamy coating that is indescribably delicious. Crispy rice bits, covered in silky egg, mixed with flavorful Asian inspired veg. It’s a textural experience that’s out of this world.

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Báhn Mì with Lemongrass Pulled Pork- Vietnamese Baguette Sandwich

If you have never tried a báhn mì, you’re seriously missing out. It’s a Vietnamese street food superstar. The báhn mì is a French and Vietnamese fusion, with a lot of Chinese influence. Everyone brought their A-game, and a star was born. Crusty French baguette, spicy, juicy meat, tangy pickles and the fresh bite of coriander. The blend of flavors is enticing and addictive to say the least. Without too much effort, a delicious homemade version can be in your belly in no time….assuming you have some pulled pork in the fridge.  You do, right? If you love Asian flavors, and sandwiches, and you haven’t tried a báhn mì – your culinary/gastronomic life is not complete. Drop everything you’re doing and go get/make one now. You can thank me later.

I promised a week’s worth of recipes using my lemongrass pulled pork recipe from earlier this week, and I plan to make good. If you do make that pork, you really need to make this sandwich too. It’s life-changing, soul-rocking, mouth-watering and devourable.

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Vietnamese Pulled Pork with Sweet and Tangy Lemongrass Glaze

Five spice rubbed pork seared to golden, braised til it falls apart, and glazed with a sweet, tangy lemongrass reduction – yes, please! Succulent, tender pulled pork with subtle spice, and wonderful depth of flavor from Vietnamese style seasoning, a quick sear and a long, slow braise. Are you hungry yet?

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Indian Spiced Skinny Black Bean Burgers with Yogurt Sauce

I end up making black bean burgers about once a week, and they’re different every time. These burgers show a basic method that can be adapted to whatever you’ve got in the fridge. They’re low calorie, quick, and cheap! This particular variation has a spicy, slightly tangy Indian kick to it. I served them on thin style 100 calorie buns with shredded cabbage, feta cheese, and spicy yogurt sauce. There were also the typical burger fixings of ketchup and mustard on the bun. It was delicious, and full of flavor.

Crispy on the outside, rich and tasty on the inside – these vegetarian burgers are just good eats. They’re filling, delicious and nutritious. They keep me satisfied and full of energy for hours.

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Roasted Chicken with Apples and Leeks

I’ve seen variations on this recipe around for some time, but have never tried it until today. Roasting the chicken with the fruit gives it a delicious sweetness, and a very different flavor from my usual rosemary and garlic combo. I’m glad I tried it, and you will be too if you’re so inclined. It was really good. It has a subtle sweetness from the apples, and a light onion scent from the leeks. Everything worked together beautifully. It’s also a one pot recipe, which wins major points in my book.

If you end up with some leftovers, roasted chicken is a great thing to have on hand for quick meals. You’re 30 seconds from a roasted chicken salad. Toss it in with some veggies and pasta for a 10 minute dinner. The possibilities are vast.

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