Fatty Fast Food Rant + Makeover – Chicken Salad Sandwich

The Rant:

Have you ever been duped by clever fast food marketing? I have, and it pissed me off. This specific chain (**cough*Arby’s*cough**) had an ad around for a while touting “fresh deli sandwiches!” In need of a quick lunch, I grabbed one and tried it out. Long story short, this mother-shut-yo-mouth was nearly 900 calories. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? Is the bread made of sugar and lard? Truly mind boggling.

I am generally very mindful of what I put in my body, and it seemed to me that an innocent looking sandwich on wheat bread was a safer call than the faux processed meat + liquid cheese options. After googling the nutrition, I found out how very wrong I had been. I began to wonder how many people before me made the same mistake assuming they had made a decent choice. A great many I’m sure, or they wouldn’t still be selling them.

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