Skinny French Onion Dip with Greek Yogurt


Classic French Onion Dip is given a wholesome makeover with some Greek Yogurt and slow caramelized onions. Perfect for potlucks, football Sunday, and even worthy of a spot on your holiday table. It’s a classic dish with a nutritious spin. Creamy, tangy, a little sweet and packed full of onion flavor. It’s a crowd-pleaser whether served with crudites or chips.

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Skinny Apple Pie and Oat Spring Rolls with Apple Honey Dipping Sauce

I love apple pie. It’s easy to make,  tastes amazing and with a few modifications, doesn’t have to be a diet wrecker.  These little spring rolls are under one hundred calories (85!), and 1 gram of fat. If you didn’t know that ahead of time your taste buds would assume otherwise.

In my experience, it’s rare to find a dessert this tasty with a calorie count in the double digits – especially one that involves pastry. Eureka, my friends! Phyllo dough is the magic ingredient here. Instead of taking the traditional route of brushing each layer with melted butter, cooking spray was used in it’s stead. This simple swap cut a few hundred calories without sacrificing one bit of tasty goodness

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